While Gauri and Durga are applying henna on Saraswati’s hands, Menka orders them to clean and decorate Yuvraj’s room. Will Saraswati stop Kshitij from leaving? Everyone celebrates Yuvrajs birthday. Most Anticipated Indian Movies and Shows. She puts on a charade of having sacrificed so much for the house but nobody caring about it. Our favorite trailers of the week include another round of “Let it Go” and a talking Pokemon. Menka tells Rasik that she will show the evidence at an opportune moment. An upset Lakshmi decides to do something to stop the wedding.

Gauri and Durga rush to the terrace. Just when Bhavishya is about to put the ring on Saraswatis hand, Lakshmi walks in with the girl. Will Suryakant see Kshitij? Later, she explains to the girls that they can have fun staying together in the same room! Three months pass by, and one day, Savitri gets the shock of her life when she sees her in-laws welcoming Suryakant and his new wife Menka Tanushree Kaushal! Yuvraj tries to calm an angry Suryakant by asking him to attend to Dhara and her family, while he would hand over Kshitij to the cops. Lakshmi is shocked to see Kshitij at the function. Everyone then goes to see the car, and Gauri asks where Lakshmis gift was but Suryakant looks with scorn.

Just when Bhavishya is about to put the ring on Saraswatis hand, Lakshmi walks in with the girl. Dhara says that she wants to cancel the wedding but Suryakant begs her to reconsider her decision. Just then, Rasik spots an earring hidden in Kshitijs kl

Phulki and Halki taunt the four sisters about dishonouring their brother. Meanwhile, a man sells the stolen ornaments to a jeweller and takes the money in a suitcase.


Suryakant demands to know whose permission she had sought before leaving! She says that her father has already decided beiyann her life, and walks away.

Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyann

Rajshri takes an instant liking to Saraswati. Savitri makes Saraswati’s favourite dishes the next day. Savitri tells Saraswati that she cannot do anything despite knowing everything because she was a woman.

Menka asks him not to get angry with Lakshmi because it wasnt the fault of the girls that they had never accepted her although she had tried to be a good mother. Click here to login. Lakshmi narrates the temple episode to Savitri and pleads her to reject the proposal but Savitri replies that it would be best to remain quiet for now.

Lakshmi then asks Kshitij if he loves Saraswati, so he replies that he loves Saraswati very much. Menka informs Suryakant about it. Menka and Rasik return to her room jubilant!

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She informs the girls that a boy would be coming the next day to see Saraswati. Lakshmi asks Gauri and Durga to get ready for the dance. Gauri and Durga tell Saraswati that Lakshmi would not be present for the evening function.

Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan – 19th august 2009(FULL)

Suryakant then accuses Kshitij of betraying his trust and orders him to leave town betiiyann. A worried Saraswati asks Savitri whether she would be able to look after Bhavishyas household, so Savitri assures her that she could.

Meanwhile, Lakshmi goes searching for the girl but of no avail. She asks Menka to punish her but not leave the house. So Lakshmi says that they have each other but Kshitij does not. Gauri Garodia episodes, Menka is shocked at this decision!


Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan – 19th august (FULL) – video dailymotion

Henna is being applied on Saraswati’s hand when a courier arrives in her name. Saraswati compels Lakshmi epsode come to the breakfast table but Lakshmi refuses, so Saraswati replies that none of them will go either. Baa says that their father and Menka had cried for their happiness but asserts that only the girls will now pay for their misdeeds.

On the other hand, Lakshmi manages to episide the girl. Later, Saraswati tells Lakshmi that she has accepted Bhavishya as her husband.

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Yuvraj comes just then and demands to know from Kshitij what he was doing in the house. Lakshmi urges him not to give up the fight yet.

She asks the girl to speak out before everyone what the argument with Bhavishya was but Lakshmi and her sisters are stunned when the girl says that Bhavishya was not the boy who had betrayed her! Lakshmi tells Saraswati that Kshitij is innocent and someone was trying to frame him.