Lensight is the name of the journal published by FTII. Do you have the correct data? Punha – A Short Film. The film is devoid of music and voices; the drama is built by silent, low-key action, as well as a lot of emotional suspense and compassion. Samir, a year-old, is living in a chawl in a metropolis in India. It will haunt you for years.

Despite all this, the family comes across as harmonious and calm, and they seem to love and respect each other. Ideally, more such, smaller festivals should come up; this will help keep the idea of the film festival intact. Do you have the correct data? Samir’s innocent mind is alert to this oppression, and rebels against it. Girni – A Short Film. A short film always creates an enduring impact.

Girni – A Short Film. I look for films made with minimal resources but that are still very powerful, which may inspire an audience member. The peace in which the body can survive and the shorrt can create an imagination. With a short film on the other hand, one can experiment freely without having to wonder constantly about the fate of the film after it is made.

It should enliven the idea of cinema as a tool for the communication of great ideas. Lensight is the name of the journal published by FTII. Report a problem or erroror add a listing.

Girni – A Short Film

With digital technology, many artists, film makers, and even non-professionals who always wanted to experiment with cinema can gain access to the medium. They feed him, wash him, put him to bed and comfort him. A diploma film is a final year project that brings together students of all the disciplines and calls upon them to put their best foot forward in terms of demonstrating the learning they have acquired.


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These films, in a way, are points of departure for discourse amongst the next generation of film professionals. Prasad Labs Preview Theatre 5.

Girni – A Short Film: Events in Hyderabad –

Do you have the correct data? Samir lives with his widowed mother and his grandfather. Free 1 user says this is wrong.

With short films, I have observed that various aspiring filmmakers tend to cram in content worthy of a feature film into the short-film duration — that is a definite problem. For instance, when I screen my Marathi films for the European audiences, they tend to comment that they would be better ten minutes shorter, but the audiences in Maharashtra find them to be rather quick in their unfolding and wish they could be longer. Just use the simple form below.

Wanna be a filmmaker? I have travelled to many short film festivals over the last ten years, and there is always a possibility that you may find poignant work somewhere. With experience and over hsort, one begins to appreciate the relationship between the texture of the experience one is attempting to create and the duration of the film itself. Your comments will be accepted once you give your email, and will be deleted if the email is not authenticated within 24 hours.

I try to engage with what the film is trying to say, imagine the restrictions under which the film was produced, etc. There are many of them. Weekend Buffet Lunch Gorni Rs. We are re-publishing the interview here with permission from DIFF. Ideally, more such, smaller festivals should come up; this will help keep the idea of the film festival intact.


The entry for all the films is free. My Email [ why? Power Of Positive Thinking.

Today, the first day, Girni The Grinding Machine will be the 5th film to be screened. I feel the short film form gives a filmmaker immense possibilities to explore the medium of cinema. There’s a scope for experimentation, for risk-taking, for playing with the cinematic medium. The machine brings with it its horrible incessant and oppressive sound that not only takes away the physical space but the mental space as well of the whole family.

Be the first to comment on Girni – A Short Film! Wanna be a filmmaker? It will haunt you for years. We need peace in its literal sense. These films, many of which have been acclaimed as being amongst the finest works in the medium, reflect the composite learning acquired by the students at the institute, as also their professional potential. You see most of the times, the budget for a feature films is rather high and it takes a long time to accumulate all the resources to make the film well.