And some kids died. A few years ago, a tornado swept through it, destroying more than half the town and killing the same amount, including Solomon’s father. They were in a garage band and there was a shot of their kitten. He ain’t got no meat on his bones” -some badass kid in gummo. Retrieved September 8, This was due to the crew waiting for rain. The film finally cuts to black as they tell her to go to bed. Maybe the director is a piece of shit, I dunno, but I dont see why that should have bearing on this work of art plenty of bad people have created great works of art for selfish purposes.

Please report any mislabeled [tags], repeatedly mislabeling resolution tags to gain upvotes will result in a ban. Mike Kelley Interviews Harmony Korine”. Most Related Most Recent Most Popular Top Rated expand screen to full width repeat playlist shuffle replay video clear playlist restore images list. A grainy voiced narrator Solomon recounts the events of the tornado while disturbing home-movie images play — mostly of the town’s people. Wikiquote has quotations related to: Edit Did You Know? The film was shot in some of Nashville’s poorest neighborhoods. But Julian Donkey Boy is probably my favorite Korine film.

Bunny Boy plays fi,m and the boys curse at him, rifle through his pockets, then remove and throw one of his shoes. The narrator introduces Tummler as a boy with “a marvelous persona”, whom some people call “downright evil”.

GenX’s version of this cautionary tail comes in form of “Almost Zero”, not the same story at all, but it highlights what cultural malaise does to young minds that are just waiting to find out what the most important threads in life are and not having any open or appeal to them. IMO it showed the worst possible outcomes of bad teenage behavior.

Bunny Boy arrives kta the other boys shoot him “dead” complsto cap guns. Escoffier, who liked the script, worked on Gummo for a fraction of his usual rate. It’s not that I don’t get its importance within pop-culture and the films ability to capture an era and a certain subculture.


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A portrait of the effects of schizophrenia on family life is the central focus. I honestly didn’t see any of it as a huge exaggeration; I kind of assumed that kids growing up in NYC or any other major city would be exposed to stuff a lot earlier than their suburban counterparts.

Please search before posting. Afterwards, he meets his friend, Casper Justin Gummoand tells him about his sexual experience in graphic terms. Some of this material I’m going to use in this art work I say this as someone who grew up pretty sheltered in a Chicago suburb, though.

Kids (film)

We wanted Gummo to set its own standard. When he became an older adult he mostly just created a seductive fantasy of nihilistic youth worship. To justify such a chaotic assembly, Korine set his film in Xenia, Ohio which had been hit by a tornado in Learn more More Like This. I’d love to say I know of any, but I can’t. I shouldn’t of had to scroll so far to see that. Gummo was not given a large theatrical release and failed to generate large box office revenues.

Lonely residents of a tornado-stricken Ohio town wander the deserted landscape trying to fulfill their boring, nihilistic lives. This is why I have very little interest in working with actors. They almost make a homeschool hip language. Frequently Asked Questions Q: A hearty thumbs up.

The last scene shot is the one with Korine starring as a heavily intoxicated and homosexual boy on a couch with a little person. No Attribution links, must be a direct link to the video.

It becomes almost like a music video – mixing all these forms for no reason. Seeing that Jarrod isn’t home, Tummler and Solomon decide to leave.

It’s one of the many things that cemented my desire to never, ever procreate. It was like the cilm I felt about Buster Keaton when I first saw him.

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I mean when the Wizard of Oz was made the studio forced Judy Garland to take barbituates, which eventually killed her. Girl in Car Jacob Reynolds Some of my friends started hard drugs in junior high, some didntbut i have met ppl likewise from suburban and rural population that did the same things. They bring the cats to a local grocer, who intends to butcher and sell them to a local restaurant, and the grocer tells them that they have a rival in the cat killing business.


Korine worked with editor Chris Tellefsen to synthesize the pre-planned footage with the “mistakist” footage:. Filmmaker Gus Van Sant on Gummo writes, “Venomous in story; genius in character; victorious in structure; teasingly gentle in epilogue; slapstick in theme; rebellious in nature; honest at heart; inspirational in iha creation and with contempt at the tip complleto its tongue, [Gummo] is a portrait of small-town Middle American life that is both bracingly realistic and hauntingly dreamlike.

What routine chore would you pick to never do again? I enjoyed Gummo way better than Kids. They go inside a local store, where Casper gumml a bottle of malt liquor as Telly distracts the cashier. Thank you for posting.

This was due to the crew waiting for rain. I never get tired of looking at his face. Sure, it has a “message,” involving safe sex.

Director Lukas Moodysson listed it as one of his top ten films for the Sight and Sound Poll and Australian director Megan Spencer also praised the film. I was living in Ak when this came out and holy shit this movie was regarded as the personification of teenage angst. In other projects Wikiquote. Iga Non-YouTube or proxy links. The film finally cuts to black as they tell her to go to bed.