Gigi celebrates her birthday showing a new side of herself. Meanwhile, Gigi explores her options as a single girl in Jersey, but when Tracy isn’t happy with her choice of friends, a shocking fight puts the two at odds. Episode list using the default LineColor. Meanwhile, Alexa’s dream engagement plan gets derailed. Alexa launches a new service. Anthony hosts a special guys night.

Gayle decides to take The Gatsby to the next level–by franchising! Gayle and Anthony join forces to do a fundraiser for Hurricane Sandy victims. Plus, Olivia gets upset when her friends pressure her to go on a blind date–and The Glam Fairy herself, Alexa Prisco, becomes a Glam mommy! She decides to throw an event embracing change. Plus, Gigi begins to stalk Frankie in hopes of rekindling their friendship, and Olivia and Alexa convince Anthony to let them decorate Olivia’s makeup station at his salon. Filly and Mikey compete in a bodybuilding contest. Gayle wants Olivia and Tracy to be in the picture as the faces of Gatsby-To-Go, but the day of the photo shoot already conflicts with a photo shoot Tracy is supposed to assist for her magazine apprenticeship.

When Tracy pursues an internship at a magazine, Olivia’s forced to run jjerseylicious Gatsby 2 Go event on her own. Do or Dye Episode 7.

A large closet sale creates big drama; Christy’s unwanted crush makes her cringe; Alexa and Danny debate their future together. Anthony attends the grand rull of his new salon; a secret turns Christy against Gayle; Olivia makes a workout video.

“Jerseylicious” The Reunion Special (TV Episode ) – IMDb

Alexa is remodeling her new Glam Fairy headquarters so she can get out of the Gatsby. Frankie is confused about who Gigi is becoming. Alexa and Gayle face off at the Gatsby and Olivia must choose sides; an unwelcome guest threatens to ruin Briella’s birthday party.


Amazing Wedding Cakes, Season 4. Gayle debates selling the Gatsby to Warren Tricomi, causing salon drama. Tracy and Olivia battle in a senior beauty pageant. Plus, Olivia and Tracy are beginning to realize they need more hands on deck at their Gatsby-To-Go events and approach Gayle about getting more help.

The Naked Truth Episode 2. There is no way to avoid the blow-ups, blow-outs and just plain coming to blows when these proud Jersey stylists get together. You must only upload images which you have created yourself or that you are expressly authorised or licensed to upload.

In this first hour, the cast spill on their Jersey pride, how to get their unique “Jerseylicious” style, and old wounds are reopened as Olivia and Tracy’s feud takes center stage in an emotional showdown that leaves both of them in tears–and the staff divided! Meanwhile, Olivia rekindles her relationship with her ex, Mikey, while Gigi adjusts to singlehood. Search for ” The Reunion Special ” on Amazon. Will this ruin their friendship or open a new business venture for Tracy?

Gatsby-to-Go offers minute makeovers. Anthony orders all hands on deck for the release of his and Olivia’s book, “The Glamour State. Not only do tensions flare when Gayle asks Tracy to work under her arch nemesis Olivia– but when Alexa gets wind that she’s got competition in her Glam Fairy world, she’s ready to stir the pot and start some drama! Because Olivia came up with the idea, Gayle puts her in charge of Tracy and Gigi at the event. Gayle plans an event to restore the Gatsby’s name; Olivia teams up with Briella for a secret side job; Tracy and Corey hit a bump in their relationship.


A look back at Olivia’s outrageous Jersey journey. Gayle and Alexa’s rocky partnership gets put to the test at a volunteer event.

The Reunion Special

Kelly Ripa’s visit to the Gatsby causes conflict between Gayle and Tracy. The Jerseylicious crew is back for a third season complete with more catfights, diva behavior, outrageous outfits, big hair and some surprising life-changing makeovers.

She decides to do ambush makeovers at the mall. On August 26,Tracy DiMarco announced on her social networks that she was filming something for E! The drama continues to unfold as the cast dishes on this past season’s memorable moments including Gigi’s heart wrenching break-up with Frankie and the aftermath of their destroyed relationship, Olivia’s decision to branch off from Gayle and Anthony’s salons, Cathy’s hostile attitude toward Gayle at the Gatsby’s Gallery of Beauty event and Briella’s poor choice in working a side job with Olivia while still employed at Alexa’s Glam Factory.

Tracy takes her bridesmaids dress shopping and Olivia feuds with Gigi. Archived from the original on May 13, Mad Fashion, Season 1. Plus, Anthony is turning 40, and he’d like a carefree birthday–but parties in Jersey never go down drama free!

Olivia rekindles her relationship with her ex. Meanwhile, has Gigi lost a friend in Michelle when she gets caught in a game of telephone?