As a single index, L90 of the audience noise distribution is named the audience noise level. The database will incorporate parameters describing the time-dependent transfer of radionuclides between soil, plant and animal compartments. Lowe, former dean and professor emeritus of City University of New York and Zionist leader, will be the guest speaker at the next meeting of the Brandeia District. State of the art research and management capabilities in Europe on cyanobacteria have benefitted from input from the pure and applied life sciences, the human and animal health sectors, water engineers, economists and planners. If your family’s watching salt, theres Mazola Sweet-Unsalted Marganne. Spitzer, president of B’nai B’rith, said in a statement that the assassination attempt on President Reagan “only underscores the neces- sity of effective laws that will keep lethal weapons from potential terrorists and murderers.

Each claim must be In writing and must Indicate the basis for the claim, the name and address of the creditor or his agent or attorney, and the amount claimed. Answers his own ques- f President Valerv ing come? The raiding party had to cross difficult terrain to reach its objective but managed to achieve surprise. Special foods mark the eight-day Passover observance of the liberation of JewUM from bondage. It was acquired more than two years ago by the Miami Beach Hebrew Home for the Aged, which offered both geriatric care there, as well as out-patient care for asthmatic youngsters. Repeat with remaining batter adding ad- ditional oil as needed. Harnessing the best of Europe to understand and solve Keel Bone Damage: Brian and Dana are seventh grade students at Highland Oaks Jr.

Secretary of State Alexander Haig has sought to cairn the turbulent waters of the Middle East with his visit there this week. We are prepared to follow any leads, matter how slight they may be.

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Max Mickelson, evplution of Harmony Lodge for three terms, received the “Sid Ritter” award of the “President’s Cup of Fulfil- ment”, which is given to the lodge president who, during his term of leadership, displayed outstanding service and devotion to the ideals and principles of B”nai B’rith.

Rabbi Goldstein will discuss seriees of inter- marriage: This document presents the subject approach and the obtained results for eight experiences of european towns.

Passover, which com- memorates the exodus of the Jews from slavery in ancient Egypt and their evolutiin through the desert for 40 years before reaching the Promised Land, will begin this year on Saturday evening, Apr. Serum levels of IGF-1, E 2and T increased dramatically before menarche, whereas they decreased, plateaued, or increased at a lower rate, respectively, after menarche.

The material evooution supplied in six lan- guages and is sent to a mailing list of 50, addresses in Europe. Gross Hebrew Academy Has made a difference in this community for 33 years!

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Prehospital severity scoring at major rock concert events.

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Since graduating from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London inBikel has appeared in numerous stage, screen and television produc- tions. Those that aim to reduce water or energy pollution, however, seemed to show a negative correlation to firm growth. It’s the one with the famous guarantee: At the same time, the differences in the interpretations of the Concert of Europe derive from the fact that segies very concept in the XIXth century was not fixed and static.


tanglewold Best practice analysis transnational conclusions across national boundaries. For both rallies, extreme right-wing activists announced a public protest action against a so called “continued intiltration” on non-German elements into the Federal Republic.

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Lgh his work for the Her Miami Jewish ration, he has made an jbrtant difference in the ty of life for elderly Jews lr community and Bvantaged tangleqood in I L You are the difference. The efforts of the remaining countries would be greater than if EA was taken into account. Florida Attorney for Petitioner iwwi Apr 3. Krav Maga, loosely translated as “close combat,” was develop- ed for the Israeli Defense Forces by Emi Lichtenfeld, now 71, who will lead the demonstration here.

Outcomes of the European Project HealthyAir. Deputy assistant Secretary of Slate Michael Sterner arrived here from Egypt to discuss the establishment of a multi-national peacekeeping force for Sinai after Israel completes its withdrawal from peninsula in April, tangleeood Israel a country whose divorce rate is one twelfth the United States, is hosting the first international conference on single-parenting.

Sprinkle Uii nun with two tablespoons of the ground almonds. Probate Division, the address of which Is 73 W. This new Directive translates internationally agreed safety standards into legally binding EU legislation and strengthens the position of national Regulators. Women have historically been underrepresented in science. But the economic benefits would be ol such proportions as to make the arms deal appear as only a minor element of the package.