Nisha arrives and corners the girls, but before she can kill them, Mahesh’s mother appears with the police and tells her to drop the weapon. Raakilipattu — Raakilipaatu is a Malayalam film directed by Priyadarshan based on the Marathi film Bindhaast. Like other college girls, they sing songs, break rules and they also have a grudge against Gita, a very rich, beautiful, arrogant girl from the college. She knew that the girls were innocent and that Nisha was somehow connected to this case too and decided to use the girls as a lure and get Nisha. She played a role in the Marathi serial Tuza Maza Jamena. After the initial shock subsides, everybody ends up in peals of laughter. She has had a presence on Marathi stage for four decades.

After the girls are exonerated, a huge comeback party is arranged for Mayu, Vaiju and Sheetal. After Sheela disappeared, Nisha removed the dead body. Pilgaonkar directed Navri Mile Navryala and around the same time Mahesh Kothare directed Dhumdhadaka, pilgaonkars film was a box-office hit while Mahesh Kothares became a mega hit at the box-office, became a trend-setter, and brought young audiences to Marathi cinema. In the end, it is revealed that the killer was Gayathri. Later, in front of the panel, “Mahesh’s mother” introduces herself as special officer Seema Srivastava. Initially, it was planned as a Malayalam film with a cast familiar to the Kerala audience, but as Priyadarshans excitement over the project grew, the canvas got wider and the producer decided to look for a bigger audience.

She became popular after her performance in daily TV soap Kumari Gangubai Non-Matric along with Pandharinath Kamble and this was followed by a series of films and theatre performances, which added to her repertoire and have increased her popularity in the Marathi film and theatre industry. Jyothika was nominated for best actress category at Filmfare Awards South. Soon, the girls confront and overpower Sheela in her hiding place and after gagging her, call Nisha.

Nirmiti Sawant — Nirmiti Sawant is a Marathi actress, who mainly acts in Marathi films, television and dramas.

Tuza Maza Jamena – Watch Full Episode 50 of 9th July – video dailymotion

However, this takes on a whole new meaning when a real person named Ramesh calls. Josephine, her best friend Radhika and their friends are pranksters in a ladies college, like other college girls, they sing songs, break rules and wreak havoc.

Mohanlal, who was by then a star, was selected as epiisode parallel hero along with Shankar 8. Based in old Mumbai, it is the oldest and one of the film industries of India. He went on to create satirical, uune films often including social and political commentary, by this time Marathi cinema was caught in either the Tamasha genre or tragedies revolving around traditional family dramas on one side and the comedies of Dada Kondke.


Best known for his films, Priyadrshan has also experimented with action. Metro Big Cinemas in Mumbai. The girls have got each other’s back, but are they prepared to handle the truth? The film won numerous awards at the Maharashtra State Film Awards. After reaching London, Champak tells the duo that whoever gets a new actress will get to become hero, then Babla asks Gullu, a local driver where he can find a heroine. Gautami Gadgil is an Indian television and film actress episkde model.

Mayuri and Vaiju decide to carve their own destinies after hearing a soul stirring jjne from Nisha, some days before the function.

On the day of the drama, the trio see Vikram flailing a gun at someone and are shocked to see him die in front of them, all three are frightened and throw his body jund a vent. Priyadarshan was one of the first directors in India to introduce rich color grading, clear sound, upon entering Bollywood, he has ajmena adapted stories from popular comedy films from Malayalam cinema, some from his own work and some from others.

The couple separated a few years later and they have a daughter named Mrunmayee who is also a stage and film actress as well as theatre director. The climax plot twist was also used in Bhagam Bhag all movies directed by Priyadarshan. Gullu misinterprets this as prostitute and directs him to a park, Bunty, who has heard everything, follows them. However, Bunty suddenly spots Nisha in the city one day, later, Jaamena and Babla too see her.

The song was composed by Patki, co-composed and arranged by Namena Banks, the song achieved critical acclaim and is considered as The unofficial Indian anthem.

Tuza Maza Jamena – Watch Full Episode 32 of 18th June 2013

Pilgaonkar directed Navri Mile Navryala and around the same time Mahesh Kothare directed Dhumdhadaka, jamenw film was a maxa hit while Mahesh Kothares became a mega hit at the box-office, became a trend-setter, and brought young audiences to Marathi cinema.

The first Marathi talkie film, Ayodhyecha Raja, was released inalthough the industry is much smaller than the large market driven Hindi cinema based in Mumbai, Marathi cinema is tax free, and is experiencing growth in recent years.

During initial days, Patki accompanied his sister Meena for her musical 188 with local orchestra and he was later introduced to the Marathi entertainment industry by singer-composer Jitendra Abhisheki and started composing music for childrens stage plays.


The story is adapted from the Marathi film Bindhaast written by Chandrakant Kulkarni, the film notably features only female characters in the lead roles, played by Jyothika, Sharbani Mukherjee, Tabu and Ishita Arun music was composed by Vidyasagar.

The girls finally decide to dispose off his dead body, but it kaza goes missing. After marriage, Lissy gave up acting and adopted the name Lakshmi for religious reasons, after the birth of their son, Lissy adopted the Hindu religion from Arya Samaj.

He is best known for his popular compositions like Mile Sur Mera Tumhara. She has starred in some of the biggest hits in the including the family drama Hum Aapke Hain Koun.

Lagoos acting abilities were noted when she was a student at the Huzurpaga HHCP High School in Pune and her professional acting jamenx soon after finishing high school. Things take a strange turn when it appears that Mayu’s gun has been fired.

Tuza Maza Jamena – Watch Full Episode 50 of 9th July 2013

To make matters worse, Gita suddenly disappears, Vani and Radhika find themselves mqza fugitives, running from the law in a bid to prove their innocence. Two girls find themselves in a big trouble when their prank turns deadly. They are chased by Gayathri and her police, so, both the girls apologise to Malathi for their suspicion.

Baburao was not particularly keen on the talkies for he believed that they would destroy the culture so painfully evolved over the years. Nisha is adamant, until the woman produces a wheelchair bound girl, whom Nisha had met earlier in a mental asylum. However, he started to run away, which angered her. Reema Lagoo was born Nayan Bhadbhade in and her mother was actress Mandakini Bhadbhade who was known for the drama Lekure udand Jaahalee on the Marathi stage.

Tuza Maza Jamena – Watch Full Episode 32 of 18th June – video dailymotion

Then, she saw Sheela and tried to kill her too, forcing her to flee. Some of his very popular jingles includes Dhara Dhara, Rpisode Baam, Patki shot to fame with his song and accompanying video promoting national integration and unity in diversity, Mile Sur Mera Tumhara. Attu claims that she knew nothing about “Mahesh’s mother”.