Mission 24 – Close Contact. If you need extra help finding the canister, Ocelot will call Snake within two minutes of reaching Spugmay Keep and he’ll pinpoint it’s location on the iDroid. Finding the film container. Approach the keep from the North and use binoculars, or wait for the dog to mark locations of the opponents. The film canister will spawn in three different places the screencap shows one of the locations , so look for it and take it quickly. Mission 38 – Extraordinary. Mission 23 – The White Mamba. Introduction Remaining Metallic Archaea – secondary objectives Walkthrough.

As your starting point, pick the East-most landing zone, thanks to which you reach the ruins faster. MGS Vee not 5: Mission 17 – Rescue the Intel Agents. Forgot your username or password? It has been hidden in the Southern part of the ruins shown in the above screenshot , between two stone blocks. Near the film, there are, at least, enemies and it would be best to deal with them first. Mission 13 – Pitch Dark. Mission 27 – Root Cause.

A long range weapon should be your go to here. Mission 9 – Backup, Back Down. It’s not a spugmag area where it can pop up, You’ll find it. December 31, at 2: Mission 6 – Where Do the Bees Sleep?


Extraordinary Mission Guide | MGSV: The Phantom Pain

Vultures will circle around Spugmay Keep, so clear out all the soldiers first and then use Tranq and extract the vulture that sit above the ruins.

Mission 12 – Hellbound. Mission 11 – Cloaked in Silence.

Mission 35 – Cursed Legacy. Introduction Occupation Forces – mission map Securing the deployment plans Eliminating the colonel and the spubmay from the convoy Remaining Occupation Forces – secondary objectives. Bring along a fully upgraded CGM rocket launcher for this one.

Extraordinary Mission Guide | MGSV: The Phantom Pain

Mission 30 – Skull Face. Mission 41 – Proxy War Without End.

Introduction On the Spuymay – mission map Identifying and following the Major’s subordinate Identifying and eliminating the Major Remaining On the Trail – secondary objectives. Introduction Close Contact – mission map Reaching caniister location where the engineers are being kept Rescuing and extracting the engineers Remaining Close Contact – secondary objectives. For this reason, we suggest a long range weapon or two, one of which has very high penetration values.

Mission 28 – Code Talker. After a minute, 2 jeeps will arrive from the north and southern roads.

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Mission 16 – Traitors’ Caravan. How to defeat the Skulls unit in the airport? First off is eliminating the soldiers. More topics from this board Introduction Unlocking mission 45 A Quiet Exit. It’s different every time.


Mark the southern arch on your idroid. The Man Who Sold the World. You need to find the Film canister on your own and this is not canisster easy, due to its size. There are two ways to extract him without finishing the mission prematurely:. Did you think mgsv was the most difficult mgs game?

cilm The ruins will be crawling with soldiers, and your objective isn’t specifically marked on the map. Mission 45 – A Quiet Exit. Mission 32 – To Know Too Much. Introduction Red Brass – mission map Locating the three commanders Killing enemy commanders Exfiltrating enemy commanders Remaining Red Brass secondary mission objectives.

After about 10 minutes the picture will be fully “decrypted” and you can see exactly where the canister is. Once you have it, that’s it, so you can leave the area and extract yourself to finish the mission.

Mission 14 – Lingua Franca. Mission 22 – Canisher the Platform.

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