Natsu Gasshuku de Arimasu ” Japanese: Views Read Edit View history. Everyone makes hamburgers of their own style, with Tamama putting a lot of sweet potato dangos in his burger, and Giroro putting gross ingredients in it, saying “If you can’t even eat this, how will you survive on the battlefield? In part B, Momoka orders her squad to find the “Legendary blossom tree”, and invites Fuyuki to come watch them. Torinoichi de Arimasu ” Japanese: The anime itself is divided by seasons with a duration of a year 51 episodes per season, one per week except the first week of January , always starting and ending the first week of April. After Tamama tells her what happened in the previous episode, Momoka decides to take everyone on a trip to her ski resort. In part B, Fuyuki, Momoka, and the keroro platoon except for dororo and kururu , get stranded on a deserted island.

This ruins Keroro’s latest plan, and Mois works to get the cherry blossom petals back on the trees. Mecha Nyororo ” Transcription: Momoka gets a complete makeover to make Fuyuki like her more. Otona no Jikan ” Japanese: Keroro no Chichi de Arimasu ” Japanese: Some Like It Scorching and Miserable! Kululu’s first invention in Pekopon is a ray that modifies the target’s age and Aki is the first to try it.

Gunzo fleet abandons Keroro instead of rescuing him, leaving him to perform chores around the Hinata family household. When Kururu mentions that he’s now ready to “Drink, hit, and buy”, Tamama explores the adult part of Alien Street to find the meaning of it.

Leroro, Keroro and Tamama follow the two girls as they have fun around town. She’s already years late however. This is actually a lie.

He and Kururu team up to teach Keroro a lesson, and he experiences a rice grain’s feelings about being uneaten after trying so hard to grow up into healthy rice. They follow Natsumi to the Hinata’s house looking for aliens that threaten the peace of Pekopon.


In B, Dororo gets angry at Keroro for leaving rice in his bowl.

Frog anime series, originally titled as Keroro Gunsois a Japanese television series produced and animated by Sunrise Inc.

Momoka invites Fuyuki to her private island resort for spring break so ieroro can steal her first kiss from Fuyuki.

But it doesn’t exactly work as planned. Kululu is tired of being the most unpopular character in the show, so he decides to play some nasty tricks. In fact, she just wanted to rest from all the attention she gets. Dororo seeks help in order to get attention from the people around him.

Things don’t go as planned when Karara ends up destroying Keroro’s, Giroro’s, Kululu’s, and Dororo’s possessions by accident. Keroro gets a message from his father, telling him he is going to visit.

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Because of her popularity, Natsumi is forced to do a horror version of Peter Pan with Koyuki. A mishap with Kururu’s latest inventions splits Giroro into seven parts of his personality.

Keroro decides to welcome in the new year with many games, most of which involve using Giroro as a test dummy. Impending Destruction of a Loved Planet!! The series centers around the invasion on Earth of a Platoon of 5 frog-like aliens and the mishaps that their incompetent and lazy leader cause. When a letter comes requesting Keroro’s assignments to be handed in, the platoon has to keep a constant watch on Keroro until he finishes them.

Keroro comes across a stone that attracts bad luck, and must keep it and himself safe until its owner arrives to collect it. The Platoon flees but Fuyuki is abandoned and they can’t go back for him. In part B, Momoka orders her squad to find the “Legendary blossom tree”, and invites Fuyuki to come watch them. Tired of Keroro’s lazy ways, Giroro has Kururu invent a ray to turn the sergeant from slacker to stickler.


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Keroro and Tamama laugh at what Pekoponians think is scary so Natsumi challenge them back to a scary guso telling competition of Humans against Keronians, with Giroro as the forced referee. After Fuyuki refuses to take him to the toy store, Keroro decides to get his revenge by putting them into a simulator that produces ice cold temperatures. Keroro signs a deal to exchange two Earth humans for a ticket to a sports game on Keron with the Events Alien.

In the end, the tiger horse was defeated, Dororo turned back to normal and Keroro can’t turn his tramua off. The true culprit is later revealed to be Giroro, another member of Keroro’s platoon. In part B, Keroro calls on Wettol King to once again fight Natsumi, but Wettol King hesitates as he begins to gain a true hero’s heart.

I Hardly Even Knew Her! Kululu finds him an audition in a children’s program and is actually doing good until Keroro and Tamama feel jealous and jump into the show too. They disguise themselves as aliens, and explore the city.