If you mean that you dont find all the porjects of before, it’s coz I need to re up them!!!! I’m really close by mine one too! Lyna AR 16 March at Anonymous 27 October at Will you do K-sensei since its pictures are on top of every page? Anonymous 14 June at I’m discovering them now too! Really you found it?

Anonymous 14 June at Roby85m 30 May at But I have to say I agree with the one comment. Take your time to find a suitable platform. Glad to know that and thank you! Can you bring back Leopard Hakusho and Darling again? Gita Zandria 27 April at

When I have some free time I want help you in this wonderfull blog ;3. And I have to admit, it’s only my first project edited here, that I started appreciating this mangaka alot! I know u are working hard with school! If only this one had a drama CD Ba would be dead!

Mujihi na Otoko – Drama CD – Track 06 by 鈴木忍 | Free Listening on SoundCloud

OMG I love you and your blog so munchie! Mik mik 29 May at Cold Blood Kissy 21 November at But I will ask to other girls and see what they think and if they know this manga! First tab is dedicated to ongoing ones, it means the ones we are currently editing right now, the second one the bigger one is composed by all the projects online here the completed. Mmmmm now that u make me think there was something like a game between me and Kissy Enjoy as much as ur yaoi heart can take!


That’s probably because Viewfinder is an awesome manga. I’m glad u love them too Li-chan 11 December at Plezz check it out.!! Kelly Nguyen 28 December at I really want to continue supporting but I don’t think i can and it saddens me. Then straight to the point both of your suggestions are pretty good! In order to watch or rewatch the just ended mangas here.

I mean if u like school life tag Have a good day!!!! Thanks for ur comment! Sorry, as u may have noticed that project wasnt edited by me, the videomaker is SarahTsuda! Cold Blood Kissy 21 December at Fluffy Kitty 8 August at I dont even like alchol!

But now I have a lot work in my job Cold Blood Kissy 22 December at About the question, yup I have!

Mujihi na Otoko – Drama CD – Track 07 by 鈴木忍 | Free Listening on SoundCloud

I have the best translator of the worldbut I have no time editing them. Producing each drama CD in this format seriously takes a lot of time and effort.

I’m really close by mine one too! Soooooo I will ask for sure! So you can see the recent projects at the very high beginning of the map!

Mujihi na Otoko Track 8 BL Drama CD (End)

Hopefully it will be online tonight! Have a nice day!!! I’m uploading that one indeed!


I’m totally in with your suggestion! ME will need more of them cz I always had trouble when I need to decide on a new project. Anyway dont force urself too much to be here!

Even if it will be not in the near future! Anonymous 14 June at If I could, id like to make a suggestion. I love that manga too Not a problem dama all!

She followes me even here but maybe she is not so active! Hey can u make kurui naku no boku wa ban blcd? If it’s not much to ask I was just cruising around for raws, and guess what I found! I remember watch iton Youtube tho It has been my favourite Manga for a while now and it would be great to see it’s manga blcd made by you: Have the drama CD already: I knew you would have not problems but before posting I wanted to ask If they do have a cd I would love for you to make these.

Can you OK Bye Bye!. Okay, I’ll pass by when I can.