Scott Robinson and Charlene Mitchell’s wedding Photographs are taken of the wedding party, before they all go back to Lassiter’s for the reception. Paul is sentenced to 18 years for the murder of Josh and Doug Willis The first video focuses on the filming of Toadie and Sonya’s wedding, as well as the cast’s take on the day. Sonya sends Troy packing Des Clarke and Joan Langdon get engaged Ajay and Rani are in Harold’s having breakfast. Terese and Gary’s non-wedding

Terry Inglis arrives Sheila Canning arrives Harold Bishop arrives Channel 5 decided to go ahead with the screening of ” Neighbours: Dan Fitzgerald proposes to Libby Kennedy Michael Martin embarks on his campaign of terror against Julie Martin; Annalise moves into Number 24

Gaby Willis’s final episode The scene was one biggest stunts the show had shot in a while. As Kyle struggles with his ute’s lock, he notices Rhys has collapsed. Susan and Karl reunite again!


Stingray Timmins’ death Steph Scully is arrested on suspicion of attempted murder Karl confronts Malcolm about his affair with Jade At the hospital, Rhys is checked over and Priya is brought in. The Lim family arrive Cassius tells Piper that he murdered Hamish Phoebe meets Stephen at the cemetery Janelle’s novel comes to life in her daydreams!

Steph dreams of Drew Amber and Daniel’s non-wedding, Daniel and Imogen get trapped in a well Josh Anderson arrives Madison Robinson’s first appearance Danni and Brett Stark’s first appearance Michael Martin’s efforts to kill his stepmother are exposed and he’s arrested; Brad Willis and Beth Brennan’s engagement party; Lauren Carpenter and Brad Willis discover who each other are Susan miscarries the surrogate baby Toby Mangel’s first appearance But, hey, they were probably barbecuing anyway Sindi Parker’s last episode Lori Lee leaves Toadie looks clearly delighted to see her.

Brad Willis and Beth Brennan’s wedding The Explosion” after an editorial discussion. Everyone poses for photos and they head to Lassiter’s for the reception.


Harold is diagnosed with prostate cancer Josh Willis dies in the rubble of the hotel Callum and Troy are introduced Scott Robinson proposes to Charlene Mitchell Rani Kapoor arrives Ben Atkins reveals to the Wilkinsons that Ruth Wilkinson is his mother Katya Kinski arrives neighvours Harold Bishop proposes to Madge Mitchell