Included with the tank itself is the center column, agitator rod, funnel and lid. What I don’t understand is that is L-format is expensive between the camera and the lenses, and even a good stack of film holders. You can get some real bargains at a macodirect sale. I already had it so there was zero cost. Scott-S 12 years ago. Man I find paper processing drums the way to go, very minimal chems used and super easy to load and unload.

Wayne, I can’t say definitely that mark came from the band but I believe it did because I put bands in that general area ; and yes that is the direction I put the bands along the length of the sheet rather than the width. What I don’t understand is that is L-format is expensive between the camera and the lenses, and even a good stack of film holders. We offer a broad range of photographic chemicals of well known and specialized manufacturer. There is a loader made for this reel. Also, the taco method works equally well for rotary processing using minimal solution volumes. I’m in Los Angeles, anyone interested in my darkroom stuff and free expertise MOD 54 large format developing tank reel. Edited by cj member 6 years ago.

Paterson self-feed reel Content 1 piece. But that’s no different than rinsing again after moving the bands. Also if my develiping will do 4 rolls of or then how many sheets of 4×5 will it do? Not sure if I uderstand your second question but, figure the surface area of one roll of 35mm, 36 exposure film is roughly equal to that of four sheets of 4×5 film.

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If you go the drum route, make sure it has the grooves for film and not just a cylinder for paper. Note that there is a AH layer on Ilford film, but it’s light gray and seems to dissolve very quickly to nothing, so it’s not as visible as the Kodak or other very colorful layers you see.


My FR tank takes ml of solution. AP multiformat self-feed spiral Shete 1 piece. Also, I’m sorry that I can develop onlly six at a time, but tznk is not a major deterrent. The only difference is loading the film and it loads loosely but when agitating with the Patterson stick in the circular motion, the film doesn’t pop out. Maybe the elastic contains some mojo. Can’t think of the name though.

There are real treasures in our warehouse.

The system is suitable for fill and dump processing with its one-piece lid and easy pour design. Use thin rubber bands of a size that holds the film in a U-shape, emulsion side in, with developiing generous open side.

MOD 54 Sheet Film Insert For Paterson Developing Tank

I pre-soaked TMax and the water came out blue. Customer evaluation for “MOD 54 large format developing tank reel”.

Simple to make using black abs plumbing pipe. The model I have has a clothes pin type device that goes patreson between the bottom 2 sheets and the top 2 sheets so that they do not overlap. Mike Marcus 12 years ago. What I’ve found to work well is the following: I am starting with LF and the only thing I have somehow missed in the taco method is drying?

This seems to be the best solution. In my humble experience, part of the challenge of developing a convex film sheet in a tube is then having to compensate for even patersno. It rotates and reverses every few seconds. The dye isn’t going to become permanant on you so it really shouldn’t be sheef you so much problems.


I wasn’t sure if it was supposed to be so but still decided to risk and try it out.

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Wephota FO 5 4×5″ Jobo tank and n reel. I did this taco thing but I got a band of slightly under-developed portion on one side darker when scanned. Just moving the bands will decrease your rinse time by fiml as you only need to rinse twice, as opposed to four times.

This system allows you to easily load your film inside the tank using the notches found on the MOD54 that are similar to the notches found on 4 x 5 film. Franz 7 years ago. Edited by rafael a garcia member 8 years ago.

For further details see delivery estimates in cart. Holy crap that thing takes a lot of chemical!

4×5 sheets in a Paterson Tank?

MOD 54 large format developing tank reel. Kaiser film leader retriever Content 1 piece. Works great makes daylight developing of 4×5 film a no brainer.

But since I use stand development a lot, it’s the same thing. However, In the finish I was using so much chemistry I simply went to a plastic ice cream container and made some film slides to hold the film flat, one on top of the other separated by 3mm gaps. This method seems really interesting, I’ve always had problems with colby tanks.