If all the VIPs in Korea go to the gisaeng house then surely he is going to bump into people that he knows or his father knows?? And Sa Ran is his rice! Sa Ran has trouble with her step mum Sa Ran is in shock. And she is not warm towards Ra Ra either. She has cooked a lovely meal but she is dressed in unattractive dowdy trousers — Buddhist monk attire. Da Mo drives the girls to the swimming pool but then he puts his trunks on and goes swimming too! Geum will be available soon. She didn’t deserve such a cruel twist of fate even if her mother did.

I actually recommend New Tales of Gisaeng. Andre , you are the best! Will she ever agree to this? She was elated when she found out about the hair-raising – was so looking forward to live in a palace to be provided by Mr. What does he think I am, a cat? I will retain selective good memories of NTOG and hypnotize myself into self induced amnesia for the rest.

Oh and Sa Ran to see the apartment he has for them.

gisaenv Saran and Damo against others? Da Mo is still in the dog house. But he insists that they live with his parents as he is an only son. At last New Tales of Gisaeng had a happy ending. She even gets her step mother something too — even after the way she treated her.

One can learn so many values from it.

They realise she is different because they all cried the first time they met the CEO. Geum who gets a stick and she gets a bowl of water. He obviously still has feelings tisaeng her. I can only vaguely remember her. What is going on?

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This seems to take them beyond the acquaintance stage and their relationship begins to develop. Geum middle picture But Dr.


Posted January 22, She had a romance with Dr. Thanks for your post Thundie. This time she smacks Sa Ran across the face. I’ve finished watching this drama in 3 days. He manages to persuade the head gisaengs to let him meet Sa Ran one last time before he gives up. He even tells her she looks really pretty! She wants the hair clip to remind herself never to trust a man or fall in love again.

She started off feisty at the beginning and I thought we were going to get some good scenes with her after her cat fight with Gong Joo, but her part soon fizzles out. She drinks champagne but neither of them can eat now.

New Tales of Gisaeng episodes 1 – 10 review

The preview does look like fun. Giving up your comfy bedroom to go sleep in a room where lizards are non-existent, all of them having expired before their prime because of noxious gases swirling inside the room every night.

They were in love but for some reason they broke up. Her own daughter ran away to marry unprepared because of her. Share this post Link to post 144 on other sites.

And so now people who want to bail out of New Gisaeng Story have no choice but to stick around just in case Seo Young-guk pops up unannounced. She refuses of course. Everyone gathers episoee and in the end Sa Ran makes Mr.

Back to what I was saying earlier.

New Tales of Gisaeng Review episodes 11-20

She must have had an ideal image of him since they were so young when they dated. Like how after meeting someone once, you should marry them. She tells her to move out ASAP. Even though he has no job and is nearly 30 years old! In a way, this fatalistic thinking makes her very passive. Is he trying to be kind? Geum and his newly acquired wife, the former head chef of Buyonggak.


And makes me so mad, grrrr! Despite her humble background, she carries herself with pride and grace, majoring in classical dance during college. She has to tell Sa Ran. Sa Ran is realistic and knows that his parents would never agree to their marriage so she asks Ms Oh to make life hard for Da Mo so that he will give up and leave. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Yes, none other than Kyle from Assorted Gems.

Kyle and Rara are very interesting: Lots of girls sleep together in one room. By 0ly40 Started November 6, I know, I did the obligatory eye-roll as well.

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July 30, August 7, dramasrok NT of Gisaeng. Now pray hard for the stars to align so that the right people would be at the house when the fake mom comes a-calling. Stunned, she tells the waiter to throw the cake away and leaves in shock.

Meanwhile, Doctor Geum goes to the bathroom and bumps into Ms. He organizes a date for them to meet. I do agree that there were plenty of WTH moments throughout but they kind of made me laugh until the ghost, there was no redemption in that.