Do you know someone who would be interested in this? Shane McConkey’s wife, Sherry, talks about the people who were inspired by her husband. For us, it was agonizingly simple: Ice Climbing, The Rambles: No spam we hate that too. Squamish 50 Orientation Run Jul 25,

No spam we hate that too. It was a shock when he left us at the age of Like what you see? Big mountain skiers challenge themselves at the ultimate proving ground for snowboarders and skiers in Alaska. Shane McConkey and his friends made it happen. For international purchasing click HERE.

Shane McConkey lived an mocie life, so telling his story properly snane an incredible team of filmmakers. We also wanted to take a look at what drives someone to take risks for the sake of progression. It is about challenging all of us to dream a little more and to not simply live a life staring at the heels of those in front of us, but rather to forge our own path and leave a new trail for others to follow.

Shane McConkey’s wife, Sherry, talks about the people who were inspired by her husband.

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Wingsuit Ultimate Rush S1E A Photo Essay May 24, But what a lot of skiers may never have seen — and what the rest of the world deserves to know, too — is what a phenomenal person Shane was, and what he went through to become the luminary he grew into. Of course he was smarter than he ever let on; his unprecedented vision of ski design revolutionized the industry. My main goals are to chase happiness, see as much of this planet and its cultures as possible and grow every day through knowledge and experiences.

His passion for life leaves an open invitation for others to do the same.

The Quad Backflip McConkey: Shane figured out how to live life to the fullest — on his own terms, in his own amazing way. Requiem for a Dreamer McConkey: From a young age he put very little value on monetary gain. I fell in love mcconke being in the Backcountry and Mountains that are all around me here and try to spend all of my free time exploring those wild places.


Take flight with Shane McConkey as he rips a wingsuit flight down a canyon at over 75mph kph. Play Film Purchase Share. Ayla, your dad was every bit as great as you remember, and he loved you.

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Shane’s Fan Mail McConkey: Making Pictures and Memories with Shane. Sherry and Ayla McConkey talk about life after Shane and how they carry on his legacy. It intricately traces the path he followed from a child onwards. For those of us who knew Shane so well, making this truly personal film was one of our biggest career challenges.

Team Proximity Flying McConkey: Shane McConkey is revered as a pioneer of freeskiing and ski-BASE jumping, and through his talent and ability to use his trademark irreverent humor, he inspired countless lives. As long as humans have looked up, they have dreamt of flying. The Park that never was Aug 13, Videos You May Also Like. No spam we hate that too.

For us, it was agonizingly simple: A shout-out, too, to our partner Red Bull Media House, for the courage to take on this film in the first place. For international purchasing click HERE.

Posted By Leigh McClurg 0 comments. You do not need to be an adrenalin junkie to take something away from watching this. His love of being in nature and testing suane limits of human potential. World-famous wingsuit pilots crisscross the planet in search of the ideal line for a tandem proximity flight. The red light was always on. Shane lived with mogie, which I feel is the most important lesson that can be learned from watching this film.


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Ski insiders have always been aware of his incredible mix of mastery and mayhem: He could render you breathless with his skills one minute and leave you laughing the next. This heartfelt documentary recalls the icon, his commitment to his craft, and his trademark irreverent humour. The subject mcvonkey the documentary centers around the life and ultimately, the passing, of Shane McConkey, a free skier turned base jumper, and his impact on the culture of extreme sports.

Over a thousand ,cconkey of archive material were the building blocks of this film.

Ice Climbing, The Rambles: Many of us may be able to say that we lived longer than Shane, but I doubt that many of us will admit to having lived truer to ourselves than him. Big mountain skiers challenge themselves at the ultimate proving ground for snowboarders and skiers in Alaska. Never miss a Post! Sherry and Ayla McConkey: In Norway, BASE jumping enthusiasts climb into wingsuits mcconkry learn the shne of proximity jumping from the best.

Shane McConkey and his friends made it happen.

Sometimes low-tech is the way to go. This process is executed meticulously, thanks in large part to Shanes personal efforts to document and video his own life from a young age. Buy Shane McConkey Merchandise. Enter your email to receive an update when our latest posts are live. Get your nose against it Dec 6, A Photo Essay Mar 21,