I still cringe a little when I see him, he was such a dark bad guy! Now back to real life It’s kind of like those people who are interviewed after it’s discovered that their next door neighbor is an axe murderer I love hearing other people’s views because I already know what I think. I think in real life you and I would’ve probably got along well since I have the Pacific Islanders sense of humor where we’re either sarcastic or deadpan about everything. Maybe you and me living in different world. Another entry onto HW list of YB hate list. In history, Liu won and established the Han Dynasty B.

I kind of wish there was another show with such an awesome hero and heroine. Main Characters were well developed and had depth with the exception of the caricature that is Gabi in the later half of show I loved some of the characters and hated some of the characters, Of course that means they all did a wonderful jobs. This way HW got Gabi to use all of her stocks for real thinking she was under the cover of some phantom deal that did not exist but made to look like one publicly. The deeper he went the easier it was for him to do illegal things. It showed what happens when you follow this path to its end destination. I can’t believe Woo-Hee could just betray Bang like that.

TV History of the Salaryman Episode 1.

I’m going to miss HotS: This scene is crazy, literally. And yes, I’m cheering for a Bang-YeoChi kiss.

They need decisive evidence to bring her down, and that means finding Woo-hee. Maybe unrelated but the electric guitar instrumental riff played in the courtroom and in the last scene is totally badass and i love it! In history, Liu won and established the Han Dynasty B.


Jung Ryeo Won Main Cast.

I saw his KBS drama special, sometime last year with Lee Eun-Ji, where he was the spirit of the husband who can’t go to heaven because the wife’s guilt complex refuses to let him go. Ok, how much do I love that Bang and Jang Ryang are such doofuses?

My Only Love Song Sinopsis: For me, HW and YB are good epsiode partners. Media on the net tv KDrama recap. The writer knows that these are the people who populate the world of free enterprise, and aren’t afraid of creating complex realistic characters. Why doesn’t he speak English? While Yeo-chi keeps a sharp eye on the secret Chun Ha files, Gabi readies herself for her court summons with a little war paint makeup.

SINOPSIS Drama Korea Salaryman Cho Hanji Lengkap Episode 1- 22 Terakhir

You never cease you make me laugh, Mystisith: As long as it doesn’t cover youth dramas, first kisses and first obsessions of the main lead have since age 4 and not yet got over it. Maybe this stems from his never give-up attitude in his quest for ‘justice’ but this is the woman he loves so that doesn’t work for me. It look so different Posted December 5, Thank you HeadsNo2 for recapping this wonderful series. Chun Ha goes into lockdown mode, with men scurrying about hiding ledgers and Bum-jeung deleting files left and right.

And I don’t mean the best kind of mean where you can be snarky towards the drama and such, but the worst kind of mean where you attack people. Mystisith March 15, at 7: Of course Yeochi making the entrance is great, but she is protecting someone who died. Was that child conceived through a firm handshake? Kim Eung Soo Supporting Cast.


Lee Joon Supporting Cast. By viewing things through the heart’s lens of another person, I am a more rounded person. HW helps YC out and gets some praise from his “future” employer for helping them make money off the short-term stock deal. Absolute Boyfriend eps 5 Synopsis Sumary Riiko may be a girl unlucky in adore. It’s gonna be epusode nice change! If yeo chi had somehow managed to get her act together before her grandfather died it would’ve been her in mo gabi’s seat and doing almost exactly what mo gabi is doing maybe not as much spending but equally ruthless and definitely concerned with making sure her weight is felt, and episoe the company has enough money to buy off politicians, steal from other companies and whatever it takes to survive in the business epjsode.

It’s what us companies are always trying to do to avoid taxes- I guess chun ha offered a better deal than a cayman bank this time.

Daftar Sinopsis Drama Korea: History of Salaryman (Final)

Niklaus March 8, at 6: It was like “HUh?!? Thank you HeadsNo2 for the great series re-caps!

I will be silent re speculations about her character’s demise after watching this episode. Thank you for the recap: That meant something, even if you were too small to understand why. It would seem it would be the opposite effect. Thank you for writing recaps I rushed to read seconds after finishing an episode!