Not a human, but an evil fox. Screencapping her was such a pain in the ass because her facial variety is ridiculously awesome. She lived so long, but was still unwise to many things. They only watched a fox for two hours. He smiles as they leave. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: So Woo-hyun takes to shooting some hoops, or at least tries.

Would I watch it again? The creepy gumiho music was effective as well. Then, Mi-mo recalls the day they first bought their house ten years ago. Or, be a doppelganger of a former lover. He pulls away and tearfully declares that he loves her. He gets a call from the hospital and rushes over. Chef Seo was obviously forgiven. And Park Jung-hak played him to a T.

He finally moved on…sort of. Guh… Eung-suk wonders what just went down his throat and Mi-jin tells him not to worry. Seo tells draa not to worry about that and Eung-suk says he has to see her and tries to get up, but can barely move. At home, he asks her what happened and tears pool in her eyes.

She tells a story. Her sister came first, as she should.

The Thousandth Man Episode 8 final Screencaps. So in music terms, the incidental music was well-composed.

The emo music, G. He keeps stealing sidelong glances at Mi-jin who does the same. Mi-mo and Mi-sun watch the moon. Mi-mo says he made his own choice and he was the most beautiful person.


He leaves and we see that she actually cares for him. Can you love me? Eung-suk was okay for a while, but his health took a hopeless turn for the worst.

More on this in my comments. Her mother tries to shush her and Eung-suk tries to approach her but she stops them.

The Thousandth Man: Episode 8 (Final) Recap – Raine’s Dichotomy

Mi-sun seems happy but, again, I want to see her with Mi-mo, or arguing with the gumiho council! How often do we see that in k-drama? Mi-sun thinks Eung-suk is in on it until Chef Seo confesses. He asks her to wait until the ball goes in, like it kkrea in the second episode.

Uh, the family aspect of this drama kills me.

The Thousandth Man: Episode 8 (Final) Recap

She was seeking peace in love and she finally found it when she gave up her life for Eung-suk. She was so fabulous. Or, be a doppelganger of a former lover. Then she checks her calendar and crosses out a day with a shaky hand; she only has two days left. Oh, the family aspect of this drama seriously just killed me. Just make it a little ball of light. Eung-suk tries to contact Mi-jin and Chef Seo stops him.

She gets angry and wonders if he thinks so little of her to think she only wants money from him. Her pettiness was lined with sincerity making Mi-mo worthy of love. For me what was really poignant about Eung-suk and his child was that he was genuinely happy.


Full House Take 2: The guards come and spot the blood trail and chase her off, leaving her husband to stare incredulously after her as it begins to rain. But the episode was also a lot weaker than the others. Especially her purposeful torture of Secretary Park!

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Family Oh, the family aspect of this drama seriously just killed me. OSTs need a cohesiveness, like a good album. She pulls away, glances at him with love in her eyes, then kisses him heatedly as something glowing moves up her throat.

Secretary Park is holding flowers when Chef Seo calls, calling him hyung-nim. He calls for her and then listens to her cry just outside his door. Mi-jin walks in and her mother warns her away. You are commenting using your Thousanddth.